Terms of office


The term of appointment for a chair is one year renewable at the discretion of the appointing officer for up to four years. The length of a chair's service on any committee is dependent on the number of eligible years the person has to serve. If a chair completed a two-year term on the committee before being named chair, then the person may only serve for two years as chair if there is no break in service.


The term of appointment for a regular committee member is two years with a possible two-year reappointment. The maximum term of office for committee appointments is four consecutive years. A person may return to a committee after a one-year lapse in service. Members of nominating committees and awards juries serve a one-year non-renewable term.


Interns serve for one year with a possible renewal for one year for a total of two years.

Subcommittee members serve for two years with a possible renewal for two more years for a total of four years.

Task force members serve until the completion of the assignment given the committee

ALCTS representatives to non-ALA organizations are appointed for two years renewal as requested by the organization.