Strategies for Appointing Officers

Check the ALA Handbook of Organization to see who has been active in the section.

Discuss recommendations and appointments with the current chairs of committees and the current section chair. Seek their input regarding members who have been particularly active and involved.

Try to see that all types of libraries are represented.

Try to strike a balance between the experienced participant in ALA affairs and the new.

For divisional, joint, and inter-divisional committees, select people with the broadest possible range of expertise in the areas covered by ALCTS sections.

In selecting chairs and committee members, choose people who will take their responsibility seriously and who can attend the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference.

Committee terms should be staggered so that no more than half of the members' terms lapse in a given year. Appointment terms may be for one- or two-years to get the committee's membership properly staggered. The appointment of a replacement for a resigning incumbent in all ALCTS positions will be for the remainder of the incumbent's term only.

ALCTS committees having section representation: Section and CRG Chairs-elect have a special obligation to work with the President-elect to ensure that the section or CRG is well represented by recommending section or CRG members with appropriate experience.

ALCTS committees having solely members-at-large: The President-elect is responsible for all appointments to ALCTS-wide committees. The section and CRG Chairs-elect are encouraged to recommend their own members to serve.