Policies Governing Appointments

The ALCTS Web site and the ALA Handbook of Organization are your guides to committees and to membership on those committees. Each includes the names of the chair and committee members, expiration date of their current term, and the charge to the committee.

The ALCTS Bylaws contains information on the structure and function of ALCTS committees in Article IX (committees) and Article X (sections), section 10.

ALA Policies covering ALCTS appointments:

All appointing officers are responsible for seeing that the two ALA policies on Members Service (4.4) and Requirements for Committee Service (4.5) are observed.

ALA Policies 4.4 and 4.5 are found in the ALA Policies section of the ALA Handbook of Organization or on the ALA Web site under "ALA Governing & Strategic Documents" within "Our Association" or here.

4.4 Member Service Policy
No person shall concurrently serve in more than three separate positions. Governing board, committee, liaison, subcommittee, and other responsibilities, which require service in another position (e.g., service on a committee which entails assembly representation) are not in conflict with this policy. Appointment process shall remind members of their responsibility to adhere to this policy.

4.5 Requirements for Committee Service
With the exception of e-members, members of all ALA and unit committees are expected to attend all meetings. Failure to attend two consecutive meetings or groups of meetings (defined as all meetings of a committee that take place at one Midwinter Meeting or Annual Conference) without an explanation acceptable to the committee chair constitutes grounds for removal upon request by the chair to and approval of the appropriate appointing official or governing board.