The Appointing Officer

The appointment process begins in the fall and is completed by the Annual Conference prior to the beginning of the term of office. The President-Elect of the division and the Chair-Elect of each section have the responsibility of appointing committee chairs and members, liaisons, and representatives who will serve during the coming year.

When vacancies occur or new posts are created during the year, those appointments of committee members and representatives are made by the President or by the chair of the section.

The actual appointment of members of a committee is the responsibility of the president-elect or chair-elect for section committees. The chair of each committee is encouraged to submit the names of members whom he or she has identified as interested and capable. A strong committee membership enhances and facilitates the work of the committee.

Committees may include interns and/or consultants among their members. Interns may only hold a one-year appointment renewable one time. No more than three interns may be appointed to any one committee, and the number of interns appointed should not exceed the number of committee members whose terms will expire within two years. The appointment of consultants should be judicious and specific to a task or project of the committee or expertise needed by the committee, short-term.

Tools for Appointments

The ALCTS website and the ALA Handbook of Organization are your guides to committees and to membership on those committees. Each includes the names of the chair and committee members, expiration date of their current term, and the charge to the committee.

The ALCTS Bylaws contains information on the structure and function of ALCTS committees in Article IX (committees) and Article X (sections), section 10.

All appointing officers are responsible for seeing that the two ALA policies on Members Service (4.4) and Requirements for Committee Service (4.5) are observed and are found in the ALA Handbook or on the ALA website under "ALA Governing and Strategic Documents" within "Our Association."

The Appointing Officers' Appointment Database contains information on the committee structure, who is eligible for re-appointment, and who must be replaced. The appointment database is available to appointing officers in late fall. The office provides login and password information to the appointing officers so they may begin the work.

Section rosters and past-committee rosters are available upon request for appointing officers. These can be quite large files. Contact the office for more information about requesting such lists.

The office staff is always available for help and advice.