Following is a calendar to guide the president-elect and section chair-elects (appointing officers) through the appointment process.

Month Tasks
  • Appointing officers begin contacting potential members and collecting and reviewing committee volunteer forms.
  • Appointing officers begin the first round of appointments. The appointments database is updated, which details committee composition, membership requirements, and position openings. This database also indicates committee members who may be reappointed or need replacing.
  • Appointing officers begin to focus on the re-appointment of committee chairs.
  • Appointing officers begin contacting members who are eligible for reappointment and new members with an interest in serving on a committee.
  • Appointing officers meet to discuss the appointments process and with the ALCTS office: the appointments database, procedures, deadlines, and pointers for finding new members.
  • Appointing officers begin making their appointments.
  • The office sends out appointments letters and collects acceptance letters.
  • This process continues through the spring.
  • Follow-up with all appointees who have not submitted acceptance letters.
  • Appointing officers begin to complete committee appointments.
  • The office sends out biweekly committee appointment updates to the appointing officers.
  • The office sends a final follow-up to appointees who have not submitted an acceptance letter.
  • Appointing officers complete all committee appointments.
  • The office updates the ALA membership database with committee listings and verifies committee listings for the rosters that appear on the website.
  • The office emails rosters to the president, section chairs, and committee chairs.
  • The office updates electronic discussion lists and rosters on the ALCTS website.