ALCTS Appointments

Volunteering and then serving on an ALCTS group is an important avenue for members to have a say in the affairs of the association. There is a wide range of possibilities for service from committee chair to task force member at the division and section level. This page is intended to serve both as a resource for members and appointing officers alike.

The Process

The appointment process is not one that is difficult to navigate with a little understanding of the way it works and the timing of your interest.

Each year there are many opportunities to serve ALCTS on committees and task forces and juries. The appointing officers (the President-elect and chairs-elect) begin gathering volunteer forms almost immediately after Annual Conference to use in filling their vacancies for the next year. These volunteer forms are your opportunity to tell the appointing officers about yourself and your background. The more detail you provide the easier it is for them to evaluate your requests or find an alternate appointment for you.

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The appointment process itself begins in late fall and continues through the spring. At Annual Conference, ALCTS, through the Membership Committee and the New Members Interest Group, sponsors an introduction to the division, ALCTS 101. This event gives anyone new to ALCTS a chance to meet ALCTS leaders and talk about what opportunities are available in the organization. As a potential committee member, you are invited to attend a meeting of the committee for which you would like to be considered to learn more about that committee and talk with its members. Not everyone will get the appointment they most desire so it's best to be open to suggestions from the appointing officer. Some committee appointments are highly sought after and usually go to members with specific expertise or a long history of ALCTS experience.

If you haven't heard about your volunteer form in late spring, contact the appointing officer who would make that appointment. Let them know you are available for other appointments. By all means, never get discouraged if you don't receive an appointment the first time. Keep trying, make contacts, find alternative ways to become involved, join a discussion group or an interest group, volunteer for a task force.

And good luck.

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