Matters Referred to the Board

The Board sits as the chief governing body of the division. Its primary concerns are the strategic direction, financial health, and overall responsiveness of the division to its membership. Many matters that could be referred to the Board are more easily and efficiently handled at the committee or section level, if those matters do not involve the entire association or do not convey an item outside ALCTS. There are however many matters that the Board should and in some cases must act upon.

Any activity may be undertaken falling wholly within a committee or section charge on its own initiative and authority, so long as participation remains within its own membership. If a committee or section activity extends to other ALCTS units outside the section, to other ALA units outside ALCTS, or to the public, the proposed activity should be referred to the Board for approval. This policy also applies to surveys, questionnaires, etc., for distribution to persons or institutions.

Requests for programs, publications, or funds for any purpose are channeled to the Board of Directors through the Program Committee, the Publications Committee, or the Budget and Finance Committee as appropriate.

Any action that a section, committee, or other unit of ALCTS wishes to take that will have an impact on ALCTS as a whole or which extends to other ALA or non-ALA units, or the public, must be referred to the ALCTS Board for approval.

The ALCTS President or Executive Director can advise on what matters are appropriate for ALCTS Board action.