Board Documents

Prior to the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference the ALCTS office, together with the ALCTS Board of Directors Executive Committee, prepares an agenda and supporting documents. These documents are mailed to all members of the ALCTS Board of Directors, along with a draft agenda. Board members (or others) may be added to the agenda by contacting the Executive Director or the ALCTS President.

Documents which are to be presented to the Board for information, for discussion, or to support an action should be forwarded to the Executive Director, ALCTS, as soon as the document is available. In so far as possible, all documents for Board consideration should be mailed to the ALCTS office with a cover letter explaining what you want done well in advance of a meeting. The office staff will copy it, number it, add the topic to the agenda, and mail copies to the Board before conference so there is time to read and understand it.

During the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference, committees and sections develop information documents and action items for the ALCTS Board of Directors. These documents should be submitted to the ALCTS staff 24 hours in advance of the Board meetings at which they will be discussed. ALCTS staff will provide the document number and log it into the official docket and make copies for distribution to the Board. Documents must be ready for distribution prior to a Board meeting, whenever possible. Do not bring unnumbered documents to the Board meetings for distribution; it will only slow down action on the matter. The deadline is two hours before the Board meeting, to allow time for numbering and reproduction.