Tips for Starting the Conversation

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Tips for Starting the Conversation

Engage your community members in the conversation about their aspirations and priorities and what they would like to see in their libraries.

  • Identify target constituencies within your community
  • Conduct World CafĂ© conversations (
  • Conduct focus groups with targeted constituencies
  • Do outreach to community groups

Engage your library staff and community in rethinking your library services/programs around these questions:

  • What services does the library provide to help the community attain its goals/meet its priorities?
  • What priorities is the library not meeting?  What could the library do to help a community grow like it wants to grow?
  • Who is not being served by the library?
  • Who is not at the table in this discussion who should be at the table?

How can the library transform to meet these new expectations?

  • Set realistic goals for changing to services/programs that more closely match the priorities of your community.
  • Start with one goal:
    • What outcome do you hope to achieve?
    • Who needs to be involved?
    • What resources/capacities are required?
    • What can you stop doing to provide time for this goal?
    • What will success look like?
    • How long will it take before you see success?

How can you empower your community members who benefit from this goal to speak up for libraries?

  • Develop a marketing campaign
  • Ask for testimonials
  • Recruit well-known spokespeople
  • Provide a frame and opportunities – equipment setup; brochures for drop-in quotes; library blogs