Requesting NSLP Data

Obtaining information from your Local School District if NSLP Data is not Available on a State Web Site or from School/Library Officials in your State.

After Forms 471 have been completed and filed within the filing application window, the SLD reviews the discount information for accuracy. To verify the discount calculations for libraries, the SLD uses official state web sites that contain NSLP data or NSLP information provided by official state agencies (the state library agency or state Department of Education). When those resources do not exist either electronically or from information that has been submitted by the state to PIA, they will often request third-party verification directly from the applicant. That request for third party verification usually requires that the NSLP data be provided on school district letterhead and verified and signed by an authorized person from the school district.

In order to speed the application review process, and therefore speed your funding commitment decision, we are providing  this template to assist libraries in providing this third-party verification. Libraries may choose to submit this document with their Form 471 or they may wish to collect the information and keep it in their files so that it is readily available to be provided to PIA at such time that a request for additional information is made.

The use of  this template is completely VOLUNTARY but will likely help to speed the review and processing of your application since it eliminates the need for the PIA staff to make communication with you.

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