Hire Spectrum Scholars

Photo of Alia Gant at workIf your organization is committed to fostering a diverse workforce and supporting new and established leaders, the Spectrum Scholarship Program provides a unique opportunity to connect with an ever-growing pool of exceptionally trained and professionally networked individuals from a wide range of diverse backgrounds and library interests. 

To reach the Scholars, please submit a copy of your announcement, invitation or request to the Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services by sending an email to spectrum@ala.org. Please note that contact with the scholars will be via an electronic listserv message posted on your behalf by the Office, ALA will not release individual contact information for the scholars and does not sell its lists.

Consider connecting with Spectrum Scholars in any of the following ways:

  • Advertise your job openings to the Spectrum Scholars and support ALA's and your own recruitment for diversity efforts.
  • Consider Spectrum Scholars as speakers and panelists for conferences -- Scholars are located throughout North America and can speak to a number of issues related to their unique and individual backgrounds, advocacy and professional interests, and library specialties.  Scholars are also wonderful representatives for the profession can share information on the ALA Spectrum Scholarship Program and careers in librarianship.
  • Develop internships, residencies, conference scholarships, travel grants, and general membership opportunities for Spectrum Scholars -- it's a wonderful way to provide opportunities to this group of library leaders while strengthening your own organization.

Help us usher in the future of librarianship through your support of the talented individuals in the Spectrum community.