Spectrum 20th Anniversary - Cohort Champions

We seek 20 Cohort Champions to help us realize our Anniversary vision for Spectrum 's 20 Years: A Celebration of Community.  We are looking for a Spectrum Scholar from each of our 20 cohorts and hope to identify a geographically dispersed group of 20 Champions to help us broadly connect our Spectrum Community.  If you are interested in volunteering as a Cohort Champion please review the information below and submit the form by April 23rd.  

Champion Expectations

  1. Champions commit to seeking to make contact with all cohort members (with assistance from ALA Staff) and sending information on how Scholars can engage with the community and support Spectrum's 20 Years: A Celebration of Community
  2. Champions commit to hosting an event in their area that brings together Spectrum Scholars and LIS professionals of color locally
  3. Champions commit to identifying and reaching out to 20 potential donors to Spectrum (preferably outside of LIS/ALA) using scripts provided
  4. Champions commit to an Act of Activism (broadly defined with support and examples from other Champions)
  5. Champions commit to sharing news of their progress on these expectations with the Spectrum Advisory Committee which will promote their Championing of Spectrum’s 20 Years: A Celebration of Community via ALA and Spectrum communication channels


  • An increased skill set in fundraising, marketing and networking--this always comes in handy in our profession! 
  • Deeper relationships with Spectrum Scholars in your cohort and your local community of LIS professionals
  • A feature on the Spectrum Anniversary website and an article in the Office for Diversity, Literacy and Outreach Services (ODLOS) newsletter 
  • Recognition as a Spectrum 20th Anniversary Task Force member for your resume or CV, including the receipt of the collective impact report and your name listed on the acknowledgement page
  • One free conference registration to ALA Annual 2017 or ALA Midwinter 2018--over $200 in value! 
  • A $50 personalized gift upon completion of all Champion commitments
  • A Spectrum 20th Anniversary commemorative gift awarded during National Library Week 2018, at the conclusion of the Anniversary celebration

Participation & Support

  • Champions agree to provide monthly updates on their progress toward each committment, even if no updates
  • Champions agree to participating in at least one virtual synchronous meetup (Google Chat) per quarter between May 2017-April 2018
  • Champions agree to be active in the Slack Community Channel for Champions by posting updates to provide easy information-sharing with one another and Spectrum Advisory Committee members
  • Champions agree to have a feature spotlight on the 20th Anniversary website and to post updates on their page
  • Champions agree to utilize our Crowdbased fundraising website to track prgoress on their personal goal and fundraising efforts
  • Scripts and training (summer 2017) will be provided for every activity including support materials for event planning, fundraising and networking - we will collectively work to enhance our scripts and share success stories with one another to build a Handbook for future Spectrum Scholars who wish to fundraise and serve as Alumni Cohort Liaisons. 

Thank you! 

We understand this is a considerable commitment.  We cannot wait to work together at this juncture to leave not only a lasting financial impact; but more importantly, create community building tools that ensure that Spectrum continues to do what it does best - forge strong support networks as our community grows. If we have multiple volunteers for a cohort, we may ask you to partner or ask you to consider working with an adjacent cohort year.  We also have many opportunities for you to contribute to the Anniversary celebration should this commitment not match your interests.  Thank you for all you contribute to the Spectrum community!

Please provide honest, descriptive answers to the questions below, formal essays are not required.