Privacy Tool Kit

The Privacy Tool Kit is designed to assist libraries and librarians in understanding privacy and its relationship to information access in libraries, and to provide action tools that apply to their local circumstances. It pulls together the statements, policies and other documentation previously prepared by ALA as well as several additional topics, including:

  • Background documents about the right to privacy and the need to preserve it;
  • Actions that you, your library, and your library association can take;
  • Guidance on developing a privacy policy;
  • A model privacy policy;
  • Conducting a privacy audit;
  • Federal privacy laws;
  • State laws protecting the confidentiality of library records;
  • Law enforcement warrants, subpoenas, and other orders for library records;
  • Guidelines for coping with law enforcement inquiries;
  • Procedures for implementing privacy policies;
  • Communications guidelines;
  • Legislative advocacy;
  • Privacy Guidelines for Library Users; and
  • Bibliography