OITP Perspectives

OITP Perspectives is a new publication series created to complement OITP Policy Briefs. The purpose of the new series is to provide an outlet for topics that are more specialized than those covered by policy briefs. This new series also provides a needed outlet for OITP to make a more rapid response to current issues. These publications are intended for primarily digital release, and all links below are to PDF files.

  • The People's Incubator: Libraries Propel Entrepreneurship - Charlie Wapner (pdf)
    The library community does more to promote entrepreneurship than many realize. Libraries provide assistance at every stage of the effort to launch and operate a new venture—from writing a business plan, to raising capital, to managing workflow. This paper highlights how public and academic libraries leverage their diverse resources to work with entrepreneurs during all stages of the business start-up process—from writing a business plan and raising capital to performing market analysis and prototyping.

  • Progress in the Making: 3D Printing Policy Considerations through the Library Lens - Charlie Wapner (pdf)                    Public policy issues surrounding 3D printers are now coming to the fore as the technology becomes more common in America's libraries and homes. This paper encourages libraries, as leaders of the digital learning and 3D printing movement, to take a proactive role in developing institutional policies that address the social, technological and political complexities that result from the rise of 3D printing.               

  • Restoring Contemplation: How Disconnecting Bolsters the Knowledge Economy - Jessie L. Mannisto (pdf)
    While constant access to information enabled by digital devices has done much to improve our lives, it also exacts costs with respect to our attention and productivity that are especially harmful in a knowledge-based economy. This paper argues for increased public awareness of the impact of our information consumption habits and discusses ways libraries and other social institutions may help people develop a healthier “information diet.”

  • Digitizing Hidden Collections in Public Libraries - Gwen Glazer (pdf)
    Libraries no longer need to prove that they should be digitizing their materials; they just need to find ways to do it. This paper offers an overview of digitization challenges facing small and medium-sized libraries, presents options for large-scale digitization projects, and suggests ways to share newly created digital collections.