Youth and Technology

The prevalent use of technology by youth in formal educational and informal social settings, and individually raise a number of issues related to how young people access, apply, create, and share information. These issues range from questions at the individual level about developing basic digital citizenship skills to impacts on intellectual and ethical development. Questions also include societal issues from perpetuating the digital divide to impacts on economic development, innovation, and global competition. As a critical access point, libraries serving youth are not only implicated by policies regarding technology use among young people, they are also a powerful ally for decision makers as they develop policies, especially in areas that are still emerging and influence future directions in information policy.

Discussion Papers and Resources

Discussion Paper - Libraries and Coding for Children and Teens (.pdf)
A discussion and analysis of library coding activities for youth.

Draft Concept Paper - Little Scientists: Considering New Approaches to Early Childhood Education (.pdf)
A scan of recent scholarly research on computational thinking among young children and a discussion of its implications for early childhood instruction.

Draft Concept Paper - Disrupting the Culture of Learning in the Library (.pdf)
Musings on the role libraries can and should play in preparing learners of all ages and backgrounds for participation in the 21st-century economy.

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Marijke Visser, Program Director