L. Ray Patterson: A Tribute

Bob Kastenmeier

I am delighted to have an opportunity to recognize and to celebrate Ray Patterson's profound contributions to American copyright law.

For many years continuous controversy has made copyright, at least for me, a forbidding subject. Fortunately, Ray Patterson has been there to bring fairness, balance and understanding to the subject.

We have been in a period in which technology has been rapidly evolving and the economic stake in copyrighted works has been substantially escalating. It is, therefore, understandable that proprietary interests would aggressively pursue an agreeable resolution of these issues, either through the courts or by statute. However, we must remember there are rights for users and intermediary institutions. And, yes, there is even the public domain to look after.

I have known Ray Patterson for many years and am personally indebted to him. In the Congress we were fortunate to have Ray’s wise advice and counsel. I salute the American Library Association and Professor Larry Lessig for honoring Ray Patterson.

An article from the forum, "On the Shoulders of Giants: Tributes to L. Ray Patterson "
Published October 2002 at info-commons.org. Copyright ©
Bob Kastenmeier

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