Federal Legislation

Since 1945, ALA's Washington Office has strived to ensure that libraries are consistently involved in policy decision-making and federal legislative processes of importance to the library field and in the public interest.

Key Issues

About Libraries

Used by an estimated 200 million Americans more than 1.5 billion times annually for reasons as diverse as our nation, libraries of every kind are trusted more than any other public institution. Wherever they may be, libraries consistently are at the cores of their communities. In the digital age more than ever before, 21st-century libraries are engines of societal and personal change and progress. By fostering education, literacy, research, government benefits distribution, business incubation, job training, civic involvement and much, much more libraries transform learning, local economies and the lives of millions every day.


The ALA Washington Office is charged with following and influencing legislation, policy and regulatory issues of importance to the library field and its public. The Washington Office works to ensure that libraries are consistently involved in the legislative and policy decision-making processes by:  

  1. Informing government of the needs and concerns of the library community;
  2. Providing library supporters with up-to-date information on government actions or proposals;
  3. Building coalitions with Washington-based representatives of other groups with similar concerns; and
  4. Developing grassroots networks to lobby legislators and further library interests.

At the direction of the ALA Committee on Legislation, the Washington Office covers a broad range of issues including, but not limited to: appropriations, copyright, library programs, government information, privacy, and telecommunications.

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