Library Copyright Alliance

The American Library Association’s Washington Office is a member of the Library Copyright Alliance (LCA) along with the Association of Research Libraries and the Association of College and Research Libraries. The LCA is the primary coalition addressing copyright issues that affect libraries and their patrons.  As a coalition member, ALA’s position statements on copyright including hearing testimony, public comments, legal briefs, and issue summaries are archived at the LCA web site.  

The purpose of the LCA is to develop a unified voice and common strategy for the library community in responding to issues regarding national and international copyright law and policy in the digital environment. The LCA’s mission is to foster global access and fair use of information for creativity, research, and education.

Copyright and related intellectual property laws have important and substantial effects on the nature and extent of information services libraries provide to their users. Intellectual property laws are currently undergoing major changes in response to the growth in the use of digital formats for works.

The LCA is principally concerned that these changes do not harm, but rather enhance, the ability of libraries and information professionals to serve the needs of people who access, use, curate, and preserve digital information. Our concern is heightened when copyrighted materials available in digital formats, technologies, and networks available through licensing can limit or prohibit copyright exceptions and limitations that provide balance in the copyright law.


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