OITP Fellows Program


The OITP mission implicates diverse and expanding intellectual domains, each involving a number of specialized topics. The OITP Fellows Program serves as a means to draw on nationally-recognized researchers, practitioners, and policy advocates in LIS or allied areas to strengthen the Office’s involvement in national policy discussions and otherwise support OITP’s mission. OITP Fellows may have expertise in core LIS areas or in a wide range of other relevant areas that include telecommunications, intellectual property law, computer science, management and organizational behavior, political science, public policy and government, economics, and sociology, among others.

Major Areas of Focus

  • Increase the awareness and level of discourse on issues important to the LIS community by publishing issue papers and articles, and by participating in conference sessions, symposia, workshops, and interviews.
  • Conduct, facilitate, and encourage research on leading-edge LIS topics.
  • Strengthen the ties between OITP and the LIS and allied communities.
  • Provide OITP with greater access to other nationally-recognized researchers, practitioners, and policy advocates.

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