OITP People

committeeCommittee Members

Several committees, subcommittees and task forces collaborate to accomplish the work of the Office for Information Technology Policy. Over time, OITP has formed these groups in anticipation of and in response to information policy issues that demand specific attention and expertise.

fellows OITP Fellows, Senior Advisors, and Research Associates

The OITP mission implicates diverse and expanding intellectual domains, each involving a number of specialized topics. The OITP Fellows Program serves as a means to draw on nationally recognized researchers, practitioners and policy advocates in LIS or allied areas to strengthen the Office's involvement in national policy discussions and otherwise support OITP's mission.

alan Staff

OITP consists of a talented and knowledgeable group of information policy professionals. Read about their experience and understand what makes them uniquely qualified to be part of the OITP team.


consultants Consultants

Consultants play a significant role in providing valuable knowledge that guides and contributes to the work of OITP. With their contributions, OITP is able to expand its research and influence in the world of information policy.

cright Copyright Advocates, Scholars & Award Recipients

OITP has continued to grow as issues in copyright have evolved and changed in pace with advances in information technology. Scholars and advocates work diligently on OITP's behalf to monitor and influence the public's interest in copyright issues domestically and abroad.