Early Literacy & Libraries

Books for Babies

Books for Babies is a national literacy program from the Association for Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (ALTAFF), that acquaints parents of newborns with the important role they play in the development of their children. Parents are presented with a Books for Babies kit containing a board book for baby, baby’s first library card, and a variety of brochures with reading tips and early literacy information from nationally-recognized educational organizations. Kits are available in both English and Spanish with an optional bib.

Born to Read, It's Never Too Early to Start!

An initiative of the Association for Library Service to Children, Born to Read, It's Never Too Early to Start! helps expectant and new parents become aware that reading to a baby from birth is critical to every baby's growth and well being.

Every Child Ready to Read

The Public Library Association (PLA), together with the Association for Library Service to Children, have incorporated the latest research in early literacy, into a series of turnkey parent and caregiver workshops that provide public libraries with vital tools to help prepare parents for their critical role as their child's first teacher.

Striving Readers

Research on early literacy and brain development indicates that it is never too early to prepare children for success as readers. Libraries play a key role in their communities, disseminating early literacy information to parents, child care providers, educators and decision makers.  Libraries make a major contribution to children’s path to reading, through both books and technology