Library Campaign Training Institute

The Library Campaign Training Institute, which originally aired in 2016, aims to provide resources for creating, marketing, and implementing an effective library advocacy campaign.

Part 1: Building your Base

This workshop makes the connection between program and services outreach and building a library's base of support for advocacy.  This workshop details:

  • Using research and preparing public service return on investment calculations.
  • Mapping a community.
  • The connection between customer service and advocacy.
  • Use of social media.
  • Managing data.

Part 2: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

This workshop provides the knowledge related to:

  • Creating a campaign plan.
  • Recruiting volunteer leadership.
  • Detailing roles and responsibilities.

Part 3: Message, Marketing, & Media

This workshop provides the knowledge related to:

  • Developing a campaign message using values and emotional branding.
  • Integrating a campaign message into outreach.
  • Public presentations.
  • Using media to advance the message.

Part 4 + 5: Connecting with YES Voters + Get out the Vote

This workshop provides the knowledge related to:

    • Targeting through using enhanced voter files.
    • Phone Banking, Direct Mail, Voter Tracking