Privacy to Pornography: What Staff Need to Know about Intellectual Freedom

ALA Webinar Privacy to PornographyNOTE: This past webinar has now been archived. The recording can be viewed below for free or on YouTube.

Whether you’re an educator or library director, front-facing circulation desk staff member or behind-the-scenes cataloger, understanding the First Amendment rights of your patrons is essential. In this one-hour webinar, Freedom to Read Foundation consultant Joyce Hagen-McIntosh will review best practices and ALA guidelines for topics ranging from privacy and pornography, to access and selection. Hagen-McIntosh will help librarians navigate the abundance of ALA resources and policies by providing real-world examples and addressing common issues in the library community. This 101 session is a perfect opportunity for students and new professionals to delve into intellectual freedom advocacy, and a helpful refresher for veteran intellectual freedom fighters.

This archived webinar is sponsored by the Freedom to Read Foundation and was originally presented on November 27th, 2017. 

Running time: 60 minutes

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how a library is defined (limited public forum) and how a library functions differently than a business.
  • Learn the definition of intellectual freedom and how it plays out in each library department.
  • Learn privacy basics as well as ALA guidelines and how laws (local, state and federal) protect patron privacy rights.
  • Understand the importance of policies that help library staff adhere to these guidelines.
  • Become familiar with the ALA documents that uphold our values of intellectual freedom, privacy and access to information.

Who Should Attend

  • Current and prespective LIS Students
  • Staff working in libraries that don't have a professional degree
  • New employees and volunteers
  • Anyone who would like a refresher in intellectual freedom basics


Joyce Hagen-McIntoshJoyce Hagen-McIntosh has a background in journalism and non-profit work, as well as an MLIS and over a decade of experience working in public libraries. She currently works as a consultant with the Freedom to Read Foundation with a focus on education initiatives.

Joyce’s passion for freedom of speech, access to information and the importance of First Amendment rights has lead to her becoming an intellectual freedom advocate and educator for both patrons and staff since 2004. 







How to Register

Tech Requirements

You’ll need a stable internet connection and working headphones/speakers.


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