Information for Conference Planners

Advocacy Bootcamp is currently on hiatus due to personnel changes. Please contact Kathi Kromer with any questions.

Event Description

"Who needs libraries?" Beneath those three words is an iceberg of challenges, from delivering on-point messaging, gathering compelling statistics, and the need to re-educate key audiences on the value of libraries, fundamental not only to librarians, but to our democratic society at large. The recent rash of anti-library trends, including the anti-tax movement, privatization, removal of independent library boards and deprofessionalization, point to a systemic shift in our landscape that is very different than budget cuts and recession: an attack on libraries as a public service.

Advocacy and Intellectual Freedom Bootcamp urges attendees to re-think advocacy: to re-define the library community and expand the way we have been advocating for libraries. This session will help library communities prepare to advocate for libraries as fundamental building blocks to democracy, building on the momentum of and key message of ALA’s new public awareness campaign, Libraries Transform. The program will cover advocacy basics such as messaging, networking and community engagement. Intellectual Freedom, as the essential brand of librarianship, and as a value that grows from a solid policy infrastructure, will also be covered. Attendees will focus on actionable steps that they can implement in their library.

Workshop Logistics

  • Time: A  3-hour session is optimum, which allows a 10-15 minute break.
  • Tech: We are intentionally low-tech and require no overhead projector or computer. Presenters tend to move around; if the session is being recorded, 2 lav mics are useful. If not, 2 lav mics are still useful, but we can live with a table mic. A podium and/or head table is also helpful. There will be some Q&A; a floor mic for the audience might help depending on room and audience size, but we will defer to your judgment.
  • Room Layout: Table set-up is ideal, but we can work with anything.

Additional Resources