Value of Libraries

Library Snapshot Day: A Day in the Life of Your Library
Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happens in a single day in their libraries.  How many books are checked out?  How many people recieve help finding a job?  Doing their taxes?  Doing their homework?  This initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos, and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decision-makers and increase public awareness.

Libraries Matter: Research on Library Impacts
This portal combines the links to the talking points and research advocates can use to make the case for libraries at every stage of youth development and education—the “Add It Up!” resource, developed by the Office for Library Advocacy—with similar material for libraries in general, plus the popular “Return on Investment” (ROI) bibliography. The research is tagged by type of library, geographical area, and “impact”—economic, educational or literacy, or social.

Project Outcome: Measuring the True Impact of Public Libraries
Typically libraries rely on simple attendance counts and anecdotal success stories to measure the effectiveness of their services; however these statistics are not enough to guide internal strategy or build persuasive arguments to secure library funding. Enhancing existing service data with outcome data offers tremendous potential in many areas of the public library. An initiative of the Public Library Association, Project Outcome was conceived to develop and disseminate outcome measures and support tools for public libraries.

State of America's Libraries Report 2017
Issues and trends facing academic, school, and public libraries are reported annually in the State of America's Libraries Report.

Library Value Calculator
How valuable is your local library? Use this handy Library Value Calculator, created by the Massachusetts Library Association. Zip file also available to customize and install on your site (Excel and HTML/Javascript versions included).

Declaration for the Right to Libraries
A component of 2013-2014 ALA President Elect Barbara Stripling's presidential initiative, entitled Libraries Change Lives, focused on increasing public understanding of the value of libraries.  The Declaration for the Right to Libraries serves as a strong public statement about the value of libraries for individuals, communities, and our nation. The national campaign has ended, but the Declaration for the Right to Libraries can still be effective at the local level.

Quotable Facts about America's Libraries 
quoteable facts about America's librariesOne of ALA's most recognizable advocacy tools has been updated with current research and a new “Technology Trends” section. These wallet-sized fold-out cards are packed with clever quotes to help you make the case for libraries.