Getting Started as a Library Advocate

Advocacy Action Plan Workbook (PDF)
A guide designed to help you create an action plan for library advocacy. It will help you focus on what you need to do, how you intend to get it done, and how to ensure that the timing is maximized for the best results. The types of activities and task forces listed in the workbook are only suggestions. Depending on the type of campaign you design and what you believe will work best in your community, you might create other types of task forces with other types of activities.

Developing Your Advocacy Plan (PDF) or Word document
Before you put your plan on paper, think carefully about what you hope to achieve.

Develop Your Campaign's Message (PDF) or Word document
A basic element of any public awareness and advocacy campaign is a communication plan with clearly defined key messages, audiences and strategies for reaching those audiences. It’s important that all library staff and advocates understand the plan, its rationale and their role in supporting it.

Essential Tips for Success & Checklist for Getting Started
Each of us has countless opportunities to spread the word, whether it’s in the grocery store line, across the circulation desk or backyard fence. A letter or phone call to the right person can be the deciding factor. Remember, you can make a difference.

Frontline Advocacy Toolkit 
An Initiative of ALA President Camila Alire, this toolkit is designed to motivate, encourage, provide content, train, and educate librarians and library workers at the front lines in advocating for their libraries and their profession.

cover of Library Advocate's HandbookLibrary Advocate's Handbook
The Library Advocate's Handbook covers basis techniques that work, whether you are seeking an increase in funding, campaigning for a new building or dealing with controversy on social networking or the USA PATRIOT Act.


2016 Library Campaign Training Institute
Library Campaign Training InstituteDeveloped and presented by Libby Post of Communication Services, the LCTI teaches attendees how to create, market, and implement an effective advocacy campaign for your library. This webinar series aired in July and August of 2016. Links to the recorded sessions are available.


Advocacy Webinar Archive
Links to recorded sessions of past advocacy webinars.


Available from the ALA Store

Grassroots Library AdvocacyGrassroots Library Advocacy
Library issues are community issues—it’s not enough to simply marshal internal library resources to fight cutbacks. When properly harnessed, public engagement can be the most powerful force of all for library advocacy. But rounding up advocates from the wider community and conducting a grassroots effort demands careful planning and commitment.

Say it with dataSay It with Data: A Concise Guide to Making Your Case and Getting Results
Administrators, policy makers, legislators, and the public demand concrete, measurable evidence of the need for libraries and their use. The collection and dissemination of data about library service in a straightforward, convincing manner are integral components of library advocacy in the current economic climate. Addressing frontline librarians lobbying for increased programming or staff, as well as administrators marshalling statistics to stem the tide of budget cuts and prevent library closure, this new book explores the whys and hows of using data to build a better picture of library needs and success.

Being a teen library serivces advocateBeing a Teen Library Services Advocate
In this guide, former YALSA President Braun explains what teen services advocacy is and why it is important. Braun gives readers the information required in order to advocate for teens and as a result improve library services, the value of the library in the community, and the lives of young adults.






Advocacy outreach and the nation's academic librariesAdvocacy, Outreach and the Nation’s Academic Libraries: A Call for Action
In the current fiscal environment, college and university librarians must clearly articulate their value to the teaching, learning and research missions of their institutions. Advocacy, Outreach and the Nation’s Academic Libraries provides a framework for opening dialogue and incorporating advocacy by exploring opportunities for advocacy and focusing on the world of civic engagement as well as the role of librarians as advocates on campus.