Friends Groups & Trustees

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Involve your Community Partners: Friends, Staff & Trustees
Tips on how to involve library staff, Friends groups, and trustees in advocacy efforts.  Also available as a PDF or Word document

National Friends of Libraries Week 
Friends of Libraries groups now have their very own national week of celebration! United for Libraries coordinates National Friends of Libraries Week annually in October. The celebration offers a two-fold opportunity to celebrate Friends. Use the time to creatively promote your group in the community, to raise awareness, and to promote membership. This is also an excellent opportunity for your library and Board of Trustees to recognize the Friends for their help and support of the library.

Trustee Tip Sheets 
Based on the popular Fact Sheets for Friends and Foundations, the all new Trustee Tip Sheets address a variety of concerns and issues faced by Trustees. New Tip Sheets will be added in the coming months.

United for Libraries Advocacy Resources 
Explore the resources available from United for Libraries to help your Trustees, Friends, and Foundation coordinate advocacy efforts on behalf of your library.

United for Libraries Outreach Programs 
Friends groups often reach out to their communities to promote the library and enhance both literacy and literary awareness. "Books for Babies" has been one tried and true method of working to combat illiteracy at its roots. By providing literacy kits and a baby's board book to new parents, Friends can both promote future use of the library by the family and get the baby and parents off to a good literacy start! Literary Landmarks™ provide Friends, Trustees and libraries with an opportunity to honor the literary heritage in their community by commemorating important local or national author sites with a plaque. These commemorative activities are also great ways to promote the library.

Citizens-Save-Libraries Power Guide for Successful Advocacy
This free guide will take the mystery out of advocacy, provide you with an organized step-by-step approach, and allow    you to develop a set of strategies that will motivate your community to pressure funders to support the library or in the case of a referendum or bond issue - to vote "yes."