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Advocacy resources available from ALA specifically targeting the issues facing Academic Libraries.

ACRL Advocacy & Issues
The Association of College & Research Libraries' work in key areas, including scholarly communication, information literacy, recruiting to the profession, and strategic marketing.

Academic Freedom
ALA has long championed the freedom of the press and the freedom to read. Collected here is information from ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom> about the first amendment, censorship, academic freedom, and freedom of information.

Library Snapshot Day
Library Snapshot Day provides a way for libraries of all types across a state, region, system or community to show what happens in a single day in their libraries. How many books are checked out? How many people receive help finding a job? Doing their taxes? Doing their homework? This initiative provides an easy means to collect statistics, photos and stories that will enable library advocates to prove the value of their libraries to decision-makers and increase public awareness.

Available from ALA Editions

Protecting Intellectual Freedom in Your Academic LibraryProtecting Intellectual Freedom in Your Academic Library
Barbara Jones uses her experience and expertise to offer an intellectual freedom title tailored to the academic library environment. This title presents a number of scenarios in which intellectual freedom is at risk and includes case studies, easy and motivating ways to prepare new hires for handling intellectual freedom issues, sidebars throughout the book that offer sample policies, definitions of key terms, and analysis of important statutes and decisions.

Marketing Today's Academic Library: A Bold New Approach to Communicating with StudentsMarketing Today's Academic Library
In Marketing Today’s Academic Library, Brian Mathews uses his vast experience to speak directly to the academic library practitioner about matching services with user needs. This book proposes new visions and ideas, challenging the traditional way of thinking and providing a framework to target users more precisely. Most library marketing intended for undergraduates promotes the collection, reference and instructional service, and occasional events such as guest speakers or exhibits. The guiding principle of Marketing Today’s Academic Library is that marketing should focus on the lifestyle of the user, showcasing how the library fits within the daily life of the student. Written in a concise and engaging manner that speaks to popular anxiety points about new marketing techniques, this book is filled with tips and strategies that academic librarians can use to communicate with students, surpassing students' expectations of their library experience.

building bridgesBuilding Bridges: Connecting Faculty, Students, and the College Library
Packed with useful tips and techniques, this handy guide offers advice on working with both students and instructors to develop successful assignments that integrate your library’s resources. Managing relationships among faculty and students can be complicated, and Building Bridges shows how you can establish effective liaisons. The information in this book will help you bridge the gap between the library, faculty, and students to make sure your library’s resources are being utilized to their fullest potential.