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Partnerships In Action

Virginia School Libraries - VAASL and VLA Join Forces to Protect Standards of Quality in Commonwealth Schools

After weeks of collaborative efforts by the Virginia Association of School Librarians and the Virginia Library Association, the state senate’s education committee narrowly defeated a bill that would have relaxed requirements for librarians at the middle and high school level. 

Chicago (IL) Public Schools - ALA and AASL Presidents Call on Mayor, CPS to Restore School Librarians

"We are deeply concerned that the disinvestment in Chicago public school libraries and the elimination of librarians undermines the vision of a 'city of readers.'" - Excerpted from letter to the Chicago Tribune from Former ALA President Julie Todaro and Former AASL President Audrey Church.

Burlington (VT) Public Schools - ALA and AASL Leaders Join with VSLA and Burlington School Librarians to Oppose Cutbacks

In a letter to the Burlington school board, ALA President Julie Todaro and AASL President Audrey Church wrote,  digital literacy skills, digital citizenship, and research skills. These are important not only to individual students, but also to Burlington as a 21st-centuryNo one else in a school does what a certified school librarian does. Certified school librarians instill fundamental skills that enable young students to become lifelong learners: critical thinking skills, close reading skills, whole, because these are the very skills that enable young people to grow into engaged citizens who are adaptable, thoughtful, and prepared to thrive in our global, information-based society.

Killeen, Texas - Killeen City Council Votes to Keep Library Open

"Often we claim that the value of a library is not in the building itself. Yet the physical location of the Copper Mountain Branch supports the community in unique ways because families stationed at the nearby military base seek not only programming and resources but a sense of familiarity and stability that can be so elusive with frequent relocations." - Excerpt from letter to Killeen City Council from Former ALA President Julie Todaro and Former PLA President Felton Smith on September 13, 2016