Juneau joins @ your library campaign

Contact: Megan Humphrey

For Immediate Release
August 2001

Reach out to the community @ your library™

Juneau Libraries join national ALA public education campaign

The Juneau Chapter of the Alaska Library Association has joined forces with the American Library Association to launch a city-wide public education campaign, "Reach out to the community @ your library™." The Juneau chapter is personalizing the ALA's national @ your library™ campaign to promote all types of libraries in Juneau.

Juneau's public relations efforts will be two-pronged and will revolve around advertising and event planning at libraries throughout the city. Advertising will include posters, newspaper ads, public service announcements, bus posters and bumper stickers. Throughout the year, libraries will also host events, including sponsored talks and readings, storytelling events, open houses and displays in an effort to reach out to the community. The Juneau Chapter hopes that each library will hold at least one event.

"Extending the message that libraries are a vital part of our community can only bring positive outcomes for Juneau libraries. These positive outcomes are then returned back to the citizens of Juneau," said Tish Orr, chair of the Juneau Chapter of the Alaska Library Association and a government services librarian at the Alaska State Library. "For example, one of our goals with this campaign is to increase funding for school libraries so that every school library in Juneau has a full-time librarian and current materials for students and teachers to use."

The Juneau Chapter has already marched in Juneau's annual Fourth of July parade with a banner proclaiming, "Let freedom ring @ your library." They have also placed a weekly newspaper ad, distributed posters throughout the city and begun their city bus poster campaign. The Juneau Chapter is financing the campaign through community partnerships and community outreach efforts, including programming and sponsorship opportunities.

"The type of outreach that is occurring in Juneau is what we are seeing in libraries throughout the country," said Deborah Davis, manager of the Campaign for America's Libraries at the American Library Association. "Libraries already do a great job of marketing to other libraries. We need to start reaching out to our communities and share with them how libraries have evolved into changing and dynamic places of opportunity that bring the world to library users."

The Alaska Library Association will also host a training session on September 21 in Anchorage for Alaskan libraries. At the training, attendees will learn about the latest campaign developments, how to use the @ your library™ brand and incorporate the campaign's key messages. For more information on the training, please e-mail Tracy Swaim at tswaim@ak.net.

"The AkLA Publicity Committee will be creating a long-range 'publicity plan' for libraries all around the state. We thought the @ your library campaign would give us a jump-start in publicity planning and provide a planning template for future campaigns," said Tracy Swaim, chair of the AkLA Publicity Committee. "As part of this long-range publicity plan, the AkLA Publicity Committee will sponsor two marketing trainings focusing on the @ your library campaign in September and again at the conference in March 2002."

Libraries in all 50 states are participating in The Campaign for America's Libraries, which aims to increase public awareness of libraries and how they have changed to meet the demands of the 21st century. Campaign staff and trained advocates across the country are available to provide in-depth training sessions on The Campaign for America's Libraries. In addition to campaign updates and information on how to get involved in the campaign, training attendees will also meet representatives from local libraries that are already involved in the @ your library™ campaign and share great ideas for showcasing the campaign in their own communities.

For more information on hosting a campaign training at your upcoming meeting or conference, please call Sara Groves at 1.800.545.2433, ext. 1546.