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Contact: Megan Humphrey

For Immediate Release
June 2001

Educate! Inform! Promote! @ your library™ The Campaign for America's Libraries Introduces New Materials

A new Web site for the public. Logos in seven different languages. Ten new slogans with downloadable artwork. PSAs featuring Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. New closed-captioned consumer-oriented videos in English and Spanish. These are among the communications tools now available from The Campaign for America's Libraries to help you promote your library. They can all be found on the campaign Web site at

@ your library™, The Campaign for America's Libraries, is a five-year public education effort sponsored by the American Library Association to speak loudly and clearly about the value of libraries and librarians in the 21st century. All of the new campaign materials are designed to convey the ongoing messages of the campaign --- that libraries are changing and dynamic; that libraries are places of opportunity; that libraries bring you the world.

"The campaign is five years long, and in order to be successful and compelling, it must be sustained for all five years," said Deborah Davis, campaign manager. "Our goal is to continue to produce fresh and exciting materials that are useful to all types of libraries --- public, school, academic and special."

All materials are geared toward helping libraries and librarians promote their value to their users and assist them in reaching their specific audiences. The new materials, listed below, are available from the ALA Public Information Office. An order form can be downloaded from the campaign Web site under Shop @ your library and is also available from ALA Fax-on-Demand by calling 800-545-2433, press 8, then 022. The form should be faxed to 312-944-8520. Orders may also be sent via email to: For more information, please call 800-545-2433, ext. 5041.

  • Campaign for America's Libraries Logo in Multiple Languages

    Featured on the campaign's Web site, the logo is posted in seven different languages including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, and Vietnamese. The versions can be downloaded for use in newsletters, on letterhead, on posters, bookmarks and more.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries New Slogans and Artwork

    Visit the above Web address to get new slogans in English and Spanish featuring the @ your library™logo. There is also new artwork for posters, bookmarks, flyers and other publicity materials.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries Public Web Site

    Designed around the campaign's messages and goals, this Web site is for the general public, library users and non-users alike. It showcases traditional and non-traditional library services, 21st Century Librarians, a recruitment page, and works to remind the public that libraries are changing and dynamic places. Libraries are encouraged to link to this Web site from their own.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries Promotional Video

    Promote the campaign to staff, colleagues, Friends groups, trustees, administrators, faculty etc. with this 7-minute cliptape featuring Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and the characters from PBS' Between the Lions children's television series. Videotape is not for broadcast. $15.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries Consumer Video

    Use this 3-minute video to promote the campaign to both internal and external audiences, including community groups. Available in English and Spanish and closed-captioned on one VHS tape. $15. Tape may also be sent to cable/public access stations. Libraries must provide tape format (Beta SP, ¾" or 1" reel) upon ordering. Price varies between $15 and $30 per tape depending on format.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries PSAs

    Spread the word about libraries across the country by distributing these PSAs featuring Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins to your local television stations. Three PSAs are 30 seconds in length; one is 15 seconds in length. Libraries must contact their local stations to determine the tape format (Beta SP, ¾" or 1" reel) upon ordering. Price varies between $15 and $30 per tape depending on format. Libraries are welcome to localize the PSAs with a voice-over message at the beginning of the spots.
  • Campaign for America's Libraries Compilation Tape

    This tape features footage of America's First Lady Laura Bush and All-Star Shortstop Mike Bordick of the Baltimore Orioles participating in The Campaign for America's Libraries launch event during National Library Week in Washington D.C. Also includes promotional video, PSAs and consumer video (see above for detailed descriptions). For internal audiences only. VHS only. Approximately 20 minutes. $25.00 per tape.