The Campaign for America's Libraries Trademark Use Policy

@ your library® is a registered trademark of the American Library Association. The Campaign for America’s Libraries can only be a success if libraries across the country-and across the world-use the trademark consistently in accordance with the following guidelines.

Updated July 2003

In May 2003, the American Library Association was informed by its law firm Jenner and Block that the brand @ your library is now officially federally registered for association services. As such, @ your library will now appear in any and all ALA materials, and should appear in materials produced by local libraries involved in the campaign, with an ® mark as in: @ your library®.

Libraries currently using the ™ symbol in conjunction with @ your library on promotional materials do not have to discard those materials. However, in any and all new materials created, libraries are asked to use the ® mark. The following is an update to the campaign’s trademark policy.

Libraries, state library agencies, state library associations and other library organizations may use the @ your library® brand as follows:

  • The typeface is American Typewriter Medium Weight.
    The preferred color for @ your library® is red and blue, with the "@" in red (PMS 032) and "your library" in blue (PMS 072).
    A secondary color option for the entire phrase is black and/or white.
  • If neither of those color options work, tasteful alternatives are acceptable.
  • A ® symbol should follow the phrase @ your library.
  • It violates the registered trademark to insert a word or phrase into the logo such as "@ your ALA library®" or @ your library media center®."
  • Libraries may use the brand on signage, brochures, Web sites or other promotional materials or on merchandise intended for sale at the library (such as gift shops) or at a physical location within the community served by the library, but not through mail order, e-commerce, or other distribution methods.
  • State library agencies, state library associations and other library organizations may use the trademark on signage, brochures, Web sites or other promotional materials designed to promote libraries, or on merchandise to be sold at libraries and other physical locations within their state or immediate geographical area (such as state conferences). These organizations may sell through mail order, e-commerce or other distribution methods but only to their members and/or to groups they represent within their state or immediate geographical area. It is the responsibility of the state agency, state association or library organization to ensure that all of its members use the brand in accordance with the provisions listed above.
  • Any other uses, and any use by parties other than libraries, the institutions of which they are a part, and library organizations, are subject to the prior written approval of ALA.
  • Libraries and library organizations are welcome to submit a written proposal to ALA to develop a special licensing agreement for the sale of @ your library® products outside of these provisions. Please send your written proposal to The Campaign for America’s Libraries, c/o ALA Public Information Office, 50 East Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611. Fax: 312-944-8520. E-mail:

Using the @ your library® brand correctly

The @ your library® brand is being used by all types of libraries throughout the United States and even in other countries. It is the visual element that holds all of the campaign’s components together.

Famous trademarks include the McDonalds® golden arches and Got Milk®? Just like these two trademarks do for their organizations, @ your library® lends a distinct feel to The Campaign for America's Libraries to help break through the clutter of competing messages received daily by our target audiences. And just like these two trademarks, @ your library® needs to maintain a consistent look in order for it to be effective. This means that all libraries all throughout the world must use the brand as it is trademarked.

Spelled out, "maintaining a consistent look" primarily means:

  • Using the correct font (American Typewriter Medium Weight)
  • Using the words exactly as they are trademarked-"@ your library®"
  • Always including the "®" symbol following "@ your library®" when using the correct font.

Examples of not using the brand correctly are as follows:

  • @ your HOMETOWN USA library (inserting words into phrase)
  • @ your SCHOOL LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER (inserting words into phrase)
  • @ your library (no registered trademark symbol)
  • this is the wrong font for the @ your library logo   (using symbol with incorrect font)

In order to help ensure that all libraries use the brand correctly, the American Library Association has made the @ your library® logo available for  free downloading.