Our Position on LSTA

  • Libraries provide free access to all types of information in every format, which library customers use in a variety of ways including the following:
  1. looking for jobs
  2. gaining needed employment skills
  3. getting homework help
  4. borrowing a book
  5. participating in a summer reading program
  6. researching colleges

  • Seventy-one percent of libraries report they are the only provider of free Internet access in their communities, and 90 percent of public libraries offer free wireless access to the Internet.This resource is more important than ever in a time of double-digit employment.
  • LSTA funds are used to provide resume workshops, job searching databases, practice tests for jobs certifications, technology to make library services available to people with disabilities and resources to assist in starting a business.
  • Sixty-eight percent of American adults have a library card.
  • LSTA is the only federal program devoted solely to supporting libraries and also provides support for public libraries, research libraries, public schools, colleges/universities, and (at state discretion) private and special libraries meeting certain criteria.