Contacting Your State and Federal Legislators

In addition to advocating your value to your local funding resources (local government, school district, university, etc.), it is equally important to contact your state and federal legislators for supplemental resources in these tough economic times.

ALA and its Chapters (state and regional library associations) need you, your staff, friends and your library users connect with your legislators to make the case for how valuable libraries are to well being of your community.

It’s Easy to Advocate 

ALA and State Chapters provide you with the latest information on legislative efforts affecting library funding at the state and federal level through an online advocacy tool-known as Engage

This legislative advocacy tool empowers you and others to receive action alerts and directly send messages on these alerts to the appropriate representative.  It’s also easy for you to viral market the alerts to others.

Federal Legislation

ALA’s Legislative Action Center features updates on all the important library-related legislation making its way through Congress.

State Legislation

State Chapters using Engage provide their own Legislative Action Centers describing state level efforts to fund libraries.

Sample Action Alerts and Messages


ALA and Chapters members should are more than likely already subscribed to receive messages from their association(s). 
If you are not yet subscribed its easy to be added- just sign up on the Action E-list.  

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