Pocket Checklists

Know your legislator

Make copies of this checklist. Fill it out and review before contacting your legislators. Take it with you on visits. The more you know about a particular legislator, the more effective you will be.

Name of legislator: ___________________________________________

Political Party: ___ Republican ___ Democrat ___ Other

Idealogy: ___ Liberal ___ Conservative ___ Moderate

State/District represented: ____________________________________

Key characteristics of District

___ Rural ___ Urban ___ Mixed ___ University___ Business/labor

Key Supporters:  _____________________________________________

Date first elected:  ____________

Legislative Positions (fill in below)

Committee, subcommittee memberships (list names):


Committees/subcommittees chaired:


Majority of minority floor leadership:


Public position on libraries:


Personal connections to libraries:


Know your message

1. The issue is (25 words or less):


2. Three key points are:


3. This is important to your district because:


4. We need you to:


5. Thank you for your time.


6. What I need to do next:

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