Tips for Success

  • Support legislators who support libraries. Contribute to their campaigns. Volunteer behind the scenes. Vote for them!
  • Do your homework. Find out what you can about an official, what committees he/she serves on, what issues are of particular interest. Link the library message to something that addresses a key concern.
  • Keep a list of names with background and contact information handy for quick action.
  • Meet with legislators. Legislators are more likely to believe and trust you if they feel they know you. Attend state and national legislative days. Or, make an appointment to go to their home offices.
  • Get to know their staffs. Legislative staff members are powerful and make good allies. Be sure to stay current. Offer to brief new staff on library issues. Thank them for their assistance.
  • Have a clear message and request for action (e.g., vote for/against a particular measure, persuade other committee members to support your side).
  • Keep them informed of both concerns—and successes. Send copies of the library’s newsletter, editorials, articles and other relevant items.
  • Always be courteous and thank them, even if you don’t agree.
  • Aim for at least one visit from each legislator a year.

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