Sample Rally Media Advisory

NOTE: Media advisories should be no more than one page long and must have a date and contact name and phone number for reporters.

For Immediate Release 

Contacts: [NAME]
                                                                                                                                                      [PHONE NUMBER]
                                                                                                                                                      [E-MAIL ADDRESS]

Thousands to rally to prevent [YOUR LIBRARY] budget cuts

[CITY, STATE] -  Library advocates from across the [CITY/STATE] will speak out against [YOUR LIBRARY] libraries cuts. Thousands will publicly rally to bring attention to efforts to prevent library budget cuts that will hinder library service to [CITY/ COMMUNITY].

WHO: [LIST OF KEY SPEAKERS – Include titles]



WHY:  [TELL YOUR GENERAL STORY IN A TIGHT PHRASE – What types of budget cuts are looming? How many hours/jobs will be lost?  ] 

In times of economic hardship, [CITY/COMMUNITY] needs access to library service more than ever. According to the American Library Association’s (ALA) 2008 State of America’s Libraries Report, Americans visited their libraries nearly 1.3 billion times and checked out more than 2 billion items in the past year, a national increase of more than 10 percent in both checked out items and library visits, compared to data from the last economic downturn in 2001.

((PUBLIC LIBRARIES)) Many public library users have reported that high gas prices have kept their families off the road and in their homes. Families that cannot afford vacations are turning to their local library for free activities near home. For example, the Palmyra (Pa.) Public Library summer reading program increased by 163 percent over the past year; Guthrie Memorial Library in Hanover, Pa., experienced a 54 percent increase in program attendance; and [GIVE LOCAL EXAMPLE]

((SCHOOL LIBRARIES)) Since 1965, more than 60 education and library studies have produced clear evidence that school library media programs staffed by qualified library media specialists have a positive impact on student academic achievement.

((ACADEMIC LIBRARIES)) While college and research libraries are an important part of the learning community, they receive less than two cents of every dollar spent on higher education.

For more information, or to schedule an interview, call [YOUR MEDIA CONTACT] (THE MEDIA CONTACT NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS AND CELL NUMBER).

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