Special Events/Promotions

Special events can be designed to take the library message outside the library or to bring key audiences, such as legislators, parents or business owners, into the library. Activities such as an “Answer This!” event at a shopping mall or a “Why I Love my Library” contest provide a hook to get media attention and help educate the public.

  • Make sure the event supports your key message and reaches one or more audiences you have targeted.
  • Schedule the events at a convenient time for your intended audience. For example, seniors generally prefer daytime events. Parents who work generally prefer weekends. If the goal is media attention, try to avoid conflicts with other events. Mondays and Fridays are generally slow news days.
  • Tie the event to a national observance such as National Library Week or Library Card Sign-up Month to help attract media interest.
  • Thank and recognize your sponsors at every opportunity.

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