Presentation to Groups

Speaking engagements are an excellent way to tell the library’s story and to build relationships with other organizations. In fact, many groups are looking for speakers to address timely topics. Rather than trying to reach them all or simply responding to those who contact you, focus on reaching out to those you feel best represent your target audiences. Call or send a letter to the program chair. Ask trustees and Friends to contact groups to which they belong.

To be effective, you will need a core group of speakers who can deliver the library’s message with skill and conviction. Provide them with a draft script and handouts. Encourage them to adapt the script for different audiences and prepare them to answer questions they may be asked.

You may wish to use PowerPoint or other visuals to reinforce your case, e.g. pictures of a library overflowing with kids, books stacked up in a back room or a drawing of a beautiful new library. If so, make sure your speakers are trained in using the equipment and can do so without it being a distraction. Remember, visual aides are no substitute for a dynamic speaker.

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