In Front of the Microphone

To effective on radio or TV, you must understand the nature of the medium. For radio interviews, voice quality and expression are critical. Use your voice to project enthusiasm, even a smile. Try to picture the audience and speak directly to them.

Appearance matters to television viewers. A polished appearance and presentation add to your credibility. Keeping your eyebrows raised makes you appear more open and honest. Avoid the "closed body" with arms folded, legs crossed. Keep hands in your lap, palms up so you can easily gesture.

When dressing, avoid harsh colors like black, navy, white or bright red. Rich colors such as bright blues, rust, wine or purple are flattering for most women, as are charcoal gray or brown for men. A suit and blouse with an open collar is flattering to most women. Avoid dangling earrings and necklaces that distract from your message. Both women and men should avoid fussy prints in blouses, shirts or ties.

Be sure to look at the interviewer—not the audience or the camera, unless you are doing an interview by remote.

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