Letters to the Editor or Op-Eds

An op-ed, or letter to the editor, is so named because it typically appears opposite (op-) the editorial (ed) page of a newspaper. Most op-ed pages require submissions to be limited to around 750 words. Please contact your newspaper in advance of submitting an op-ed draft to find out:

  • word limit
  • preferred method of submission (email or fax are most frequent), and
  • name and phone number of an editorial contact to ensure your submission arrived.

Sample Op-Ed- Download and customize for use in your local newspaper.

Libraries Stand Ready to Help in Tough Economic Times

ALA President Jim RettigBy Jim Rettig, 2008-2009 ALA President and university librarian, University of Richmond and Greg Worrell, president, Scholastic Classroom and Library Group

When economic times get tough, the average American family’s solution is to get creative. In rethinking their budgets, many families across the country are turning to a familiar place – the public library.

As one South Florida man discovered, canceling his home Internet access and taking advantage of the free Internet service offered at his local public library could save his family over $700 a year. Continue reading Jim Rettig’s Op-Ed...

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