3. Identify your community’s issues

You have a committee. Now what?

Call your Local Notables Committee together and work on the following topics:

  1. Define your library’s community. How large is it? What are its boundaries? Is it the neighborhood your library serves? Is it your entire town? Your township or county? Is your library part of an urban system or a consortium? Is it part of a school or other learning community? Defining your library’s community will help you determine which people of influence are part of that community.
  2. What are the issues your community really cares about? Is it employment and careers? Small business development? Higher graduation rates? Better preschool offerings? Crime prevention and safety? Activities that keep children and teens actively engaged? Resources for seniors? Services in multiple languages?
  3. What does your library offer to address these issues? Your library has services and materials that address every one of these issues. Take time to articulate exactly how your library impacts the issues your community cares about most. Make a list of your library’s impact on your community: How many people come through your door each day? What percentage of your community has library cards? What do you offer people who need high tech services? How do you help individuals who need research assistance? You get the idea.

4. Develop advocacy messages

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