7. Frame your request as a win-win situation

What’s the best way to ask someone to become your library’s advocate?

Everyone you ask will have his or her own reason for wanting to help support your library’s advocacy efforts. Frame your case as a WIN-WIN situation for the library and for the local notable or celebrity. It’s hard to refuse such an offer. The argument is a simple one, really. Tell him or her that:

  • Both your library and the individual you are asking for help will gain positive public attention from such a partnership. You should talk about why people will care about the individual’s advocacy message and how it will affirm not just the aspect of your library’s services the message relates to, but it will also elevate the importance of your library in many people’s minds.
  • Your initiative is well organized and will require only a minimum amount of his or her time.
  • That a small investment of his or her time will have a big impact on your library’s overall plan for advocacy.

If you already have some well-known, recognizable people who have agreed to help you, share that information and let the individual whose help you are requesting know that he or she will be in illustrious company.

8. Contact local notables and celebrities

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