Sample Comments Collected

  • "This library is a sacred place where you can let your imagination roam. You can live in history, and research anything you don’t know the answer to. It is a social forum, a neighborhood meeting place and a safe haven for children. This library may be small but it is the “heart of our town…” New Jersey Library Association

  • "This library is truly my second home! It enriches both my social and intellectual lives. The resources it provides are for a wide spectrum of people and I feel my library card is the most important card in my wallet!"

  • "An adult needs a sense of childhood and books provide that. Children need a sense of what an adult is capable of becoming and a librarian provides that. In a world filled with cruelty we need sense and sensibility and the library provides that. Long live the library!"

  • “I was unemployed after 22 years on the same job and computer illiterate. Tonya [computer lab staff] put me at ease and showed me the basic skills computer program and then helped me set up and email. I’ve gotten 2 jobs lined up since then and I am connected to friends and family around the country. Thank you Library of Long Branch!”
    I’m a musician – and the library computer room was my “office” before I had internet at home – with your facility, I was able to research & produce my first album – including copyright info, music business.  This was an invaluable resource!!

  • The library helps me because my computer is down currently and my printer is out of ink, which I can’t afford right now. Because I don’t have computer or internet at my house, the library gives me the opportunity to get my work done.

  • “The computer staff has been great at helping people and myself with learning in the lab. Could not ask for a better staff.”

  • “I would be lost with having libraries. Been using them for years. Heck, it’s one of the few things that my tax dollars actually is spent on, that is really worth the money.”

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