Snapshot Day Poster and Tote Bags

More than 1.000 photos were posted to our Snapshot Day flickr account, and thousands of comments were collected.

We selected 24 photographs, representing a cross-section of our libraries and customers and had a poster printed.  Posters were distributed to every legislator in our state, along with the letter below.


Dear New Jersey Legislator

What role do libraries play in the life of your constituents on a daily basis?

The attached poster consists of photographs taken on just one day, February 19, 2009, in libraries across the state of New Jersey.  The photos capture your constituents applying for jobs, learning English as a second language, applying for unemployment benefits, taking online classes and reading to their children - all at your local library.
Snapshot: One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries was a joint project of the New Jersey State Library and the New Jersey Library Association. Its purpose? To capture the impact that New Jersey libraries have on their communities on a typical day.

We asked librarians from all types of libraries to participate, and participate they did: public and academic libraries, school and special libraries, hospital libraries and government libraries; from the tiniest facility to the largest county systems. We created a quick survey to capture the daily activities of libraries across the state, and hundreds of libraries sent us their survey results.

The numbers were impressive. More than 160,000 people walked through our libraries' doors and librarians answered nearly 20,000 reference questions.  To read more about Snapshot Day, visit
Libraries are playing a crucial role in the lives of New Jersey’s residents in these challenging economic times. Your constituents need libraries and libraries need you.

Thanks for supporting New Jersey’s libraries.

Very truly yours,

Norma Blake
New Jersey State Librarian


Snapshot Day Poster


Design courtesy of The Photo Center, Brick, NJ.

Out of the thousands of comments and testimonials submitted by customers throughout the state, we choose 23 that most strongly resonated with us. We had the comments imprinted on a tote bag and sent a bag plus a poster to every New Jersey legislator. Layout for the comments on the tote bag is below: 

Tote bag layout

Layout courtesy of Janway Company. 

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