7. Encouraging participation - the importance of nagging

Gentle reminders need to be sent out periodically after the initial announcement.

A collection of announcements can be found in the Templates & Graphics section of this primer. 

Ask participating libraries to post a link from their library’s home page to the “Snapshot Day” results page.  The buttons featured below can be downloaded from the “Tips” section of N.J.’s “Snapshot Day” webpage.

Promote Snapshot Day

New Jersey libraries are encouraged to promote snapshot.njlibraries.org by placing a button on your homepage.

To download files:

Right click on the image to save to your computer.

Buttons should link to:

http://snapshot.njlibraries.org/, which is the Snapshot Day homepage.

Sample code to insert on webpage:

<a href=" http://snapshot.njlibraries.org/"><img border="0" src="camsm.jpg" alt="Snapshot: One Day in the Life of New Jersey Libraries" /></a> 

Library Snapshot Day Promotional Buttons
Button Color

Large Buttons
- pixels: 240w X 240h
- inches: 0.8w X 0.8h

Small Buttons
- pixels: 120w X 120h
- inches: 0.4w X 0.4h

Black Button Small button
Red Button Small button

8. Collecting and aggregating the data and photographs

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