Encouraging Reminder

Can be used periodically in the months leading up to the event

Snapshot Day Success in Six Simple Steps

ALL libraries are welcome to participate.

Step 1  -  Let your staff know you are participating in Snapshot Day on October 7, 2009.  Build up the excitement!

Step 2  -  Visit our wiki:   http://njla.pbworks.com/Snapshot
Print out the form ( http://fs19.formsite.com/njla/form250483359/index.html)  review it with your staff and keep copies at all of your service desks.

Step 3  - Keep up to date by reading our blog: http://njsnapshotday.wordpress.com/

Step 4 - Participate on October 7, 2009 (or whichever date you've selected)

Step 5 -  Submit your statistics, comments from customers and photos by October 16.
(It's easy!  Step-by-step instructions and helpful handouts on our wiki)

Step 6  -  While the day and activities are fresh in your mind, USE the results!  Great ideas at  http://njla.pbworks.com/f/20+Easy+Ways.doc

Still confused?  You can call or e-mail our committee members.

The Snapshot Day Committee

Peggy Cadigan, New Jersey State Library, co-chair 609-278-2640, X113,

10 Days Before the Event

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