8. Collecting and aggregating data and photographs

New Jersey Library Association

We gave participants a short window (one week) in which to upload their data.  We made the data upload form quick and easy to use.  Comments could be transcribed into a Word document and uploaded with the survey.  Photos were uploaded to our flickr account by the participating libraries, following our simple instructions.  Heidi Cramer, Snapshot Day co-chair, used http://www.formsite.com/ to collect and analyze the data.


Once a library uploaded their data, they received this message:

Dear [         ]:

Thank you for your participation in Snapshot:  A Day in the Life of New Jersey's Libraries.
We look forward to sharing the results with you soon.  Check http://njla.pbwiki.com/Snapshot for updates.    Please submit your photographs and captions by uploading to Flickr.  Check the wiki for details.  Snapshot is sponsored by the New Jersey Library Association and the New Jersey State Library.

We encourage you to collect stories from your patrons throughout the year.  Please visit www.tellusyourstory.org for more information on the Tell Us Your Story campaign, brought to you by the New Jersey State Library and the New Jersey Library Association.

9. Create your own "Snapshot Day" website

Library Snapshot Day Primer Homepage