Library Snapshot Day

A Primer for Creating a Library Snapshot Day in Your State or Locality

We all know that libraries are busier than ever, providing incredible service in these challenging economic times.  What if libraries went away, even for a day? What would the impact be on our state and the people we serve? What would happen if there were no libraries?  Holding a library snapshot day is a simple way to prove that libraries provide invaluable services to our communities.

This primer was created by Peggy Cadigan, Associate State Librarian for Innovation & Outreach Strategies, New Jersey State Library. All photos are from the New Jersey Library Snapshot Day, used courtesy of the New Jersey State Library and New Jersey Library Association.

Learn about ALA’s National Library Snapshot Day Initiative.


1. Why host a Snapshot Day in your state?

2. Snapshot Day Committee

3. Getting buy-in

4. Creating the wiki

5. Choosing the date(s)

6. Documentation- importance of ease-of-use

7. Encouraging participation- the importance of nagging

8. Collecting and aggregating data and photographs

9. Create your own "Snapshot Day" website

10. Package the data and use it to prove your value

Templates & Graphics