Advocacy on the Front Lines: How to Make a Difference from Where You Sit

An Initiative of 2009-2010 ALA President Camila Alire

Panel Discussion Speakers & Corresponding Materials:

  • Frontline Advocacy
    2009-2010 ALA President Camila Alire
  • How to Implement Frontline Advocacy in Public Libraries
    Hampton “Skip” Auld, Director of the Durham Country Library
  • Public Libraries
    Rochelle Logan, Associate Director of Support Services for the Douglas County Libraries
  • Special Libraries
    Anita Peterson Senior Librarian of the Richard Donovan Correctional Facility, San Diego, CA
  • Academic Libraries
    Jean Zanoni, Associate Dean of Libraries, Marquette University
  • School Libraries
    Connie Williams, Past President of the California School Library Association
  • Resources from ALA
    Marci Merola, Director, Office for Library  


  1. Cover Sheet (PDF)
  2. Introduction Letter (PDF)
  3. Neal Schuman Thank you (PDF)
  4. Six Ingredients for Frontline Advocacy Success (PDF)
  5. Six Excuses That Won’t Work (PDF)
  6. 23 Things for Frontline Employees (PDF)
  7. 52 Ways to Make a Difference (PDF)

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